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About The Rad Girls

Rad Girls is a stunt and prank based tv show that sometimes gets described as “the female version of Jackass.”  The Rad Girls are Ramona Cash, Munchie, and Clementine, actual close friends who met in Santa Cruz, northern California, several years ago.  With the support of local friends and Hollywood-based Co-Creator Jason Martinez, the girls filmed the first skits for Rad Girls on their own time in summer 2005. A year later, Rad Girls got bought and put on Fuse Tv, where it quickly became the top-rated show on the network. Rad  Girls Season 2 will premiere on Mav Tv, an HD cable network, on Halloween night next month!

Mini Bios:

DARLING CLEMENTINE, a cowgirl turned surfer, is a natural athelete who kicks ass!  She’s excited to show you a new ride of hers in the upcoming season of RAD GIRLS.  Clem can also bang out a helluva tune on the guitar.

RAMONA CASH will kick you in the nuts.  This former teacher went from the elementary school to the school of hard knocks.  Ramona could charm the sandals off Jesus.

MUNCHIE is a rocker chick who by eating ‘delicacies’ from all over the world has developed a cast-iron stomach.  Her high-energy antics are mesmerizing to watch.  She has also been known to make out with old people.  Yay-yuh!!

We love making Rad Girls because we enjoy testing our own boundaries, and pushing the boundaries of others.u  We believe that it’s time for audiences to see a different kind of female on t.v.: someone who isn’t afraid to get dirty or be physical.  We joke that our mission is to “Upset the Uptight,” but honestly, we just want to make people laugh…

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